like you have a successful, amazing life and things are great in so many ways, but you still feel stress and anxiety over things that should be easy?

that you desire to grow your capacity to have the time for both yourself and for building this incredible business/career and life you’re building?

that you sometimes experience depression which doesn’t match your life?

that you want to feel a bigger purpose, even if you've already found your passion?

Tell me this:

are you feeling...

good news... your most potent beginning awaits.

It can feel like you’re in the waiting room of your life, rather than out enjoying it.

What becomes 


You will feel stronger from the inside, regardless of what’s going on in the world and in your life. 


You will have more clarity and deep trust in yourself and your direction.


There will be more room in your life for lightness and fun and creativity. 


–Jane L

"When I started working with Maureen I was struggling with next steps specifically around my business while halfheartedly continuing to work as a nurse case manager. I couldn’t identify next steps and had become very self-critical.

Through our work I found an acceptance of myself and current place in my path, permission to take time for myself with self-care, pleasure, and reflection with trust that plan will take shape. I have gained a realistic recognition of my strengths. I learned and continue to practice stress management techniques and found deeper healing around the trauma of sexual assault.

Maureen has a gentle, genuine and supportive manner that creates a safe, nonjudgmental and caring space. I have felt more relaxed with an ability to address difficulties with less angst.  I feel clearer about how to proceed to make my dreams come true."

Through our work I found an acceptance of myself and current place in my path

–Nicolette Tuftin

"As an entrepreneur who's invested in loads of coaching, I have to say that I have never had someone in my corner as supportive and belief building as Maureen. She reminds me of the power that I hold and encourages me to own it more than I ever have before. The breakthroughs are endless with this woman in my corner. Not only is she so kind, loving, and a joy to be around... she's trustworthy beyond belief. I know she knows her shit, which means I can trust her when she calls me forward to transform mine.”

The breakthroughs are endless with this woman in my corner.


"Maureen uses deep meditation techniques to bring you to a place of connection where you can get back in touch with your true self. Unlike other therapies where you may focus on current problems in your life, Maureen’s work goes deeper to address root causes and help change habitual patterns and attitudes that keep you from living a fulfilling life.  She is caring, attentive, and knowledgeable.  The major benefit I’ve received is feeling more connected and supported in life and less likely to spin out with negative thinking as I used to do.”

Caring, attentive, knowledgeable.


“Prior to working with you I was feeling pretty anxious and stressed and desiring that sense of being held or not having to work so hard. The theme of our work revealed itself in the first call. I decided to really honor myself and had a wonderful and nurturing day that felt truly rejuvenating. I was reflecting on all the things happening in my life and just had this sense and desire within myself, knowing that your support would be beneficial... I feel like I am living from a place of 'true self' - a space that is authentic, limitless, and more fun."

I feel like I am living from a place of "true self"



For the woman who wants to reduce her anxiety by 75% and desires a deep reclamation of purpose, power, and self-prioritization. My private practice is a blend of a deep dive immersion (think retreat style) & 3 private sessions per month to create the shift in your life, mental health, and energy that you can no longer live without.


3-month immersion

1:1 Support

For the woman who feels ready to come off of medication, the holistic way. Holistic psychiatry isn't something that's widely available. In my 6-month Ultimate VIP Package, I work with you intimately to transform your entire system. I’m the kind of doctor who has studied so many different modalities, and cares deeply. This package is tailored specifically for women who want professional support to get off antidepressants.


Getting off Antidepressants


This customized one day VIP Intensive is a special opportunity to create a powerful shift and momentum for things moving forward quickly.

- You will gain clarity and deep trust in yourself and the next steps in your life and business to achieve your desires.
- You will build your energetic capacity to hold and receive more.
- You will feel stronger from the inside, regardless of what’s going on in the world and in your life.


One Day Intensive

1:1 Support

Ready to be inspired and learn the tools to get you back into the driver's seat of your own divine power? Check out my course & masterclass library and get the support you crave.



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Through my unique approach to care and my deep commitment to holding space for growth and transformation, my clients get results that cannot be obtained solely by working with a coach or even a psychiatrist.