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Helping powerful female leaders overcome stress and self-doubt so they can claim their limitless potential and deepen their success.

Holistic Psychiatrist, Spirituality & Soul Mentor, Wise Woman, Holder of Big Spaces

Hello, I’m Dr. Maureen and I’m passionate, fun, creative and bold. I help women step out of the eggshell of pressure, expectation and anxiety and into the robust full sense of self that comes with being captivating, confident and joyful, on a mission in life and loving others.


I'm Dr. Maureen

I want to show you the
pathway to re-connection

It breaks my heart to see women disconnected from their highest self and their potential

It hurts to believe the crap you’ve been fed since growing up about what you can and can’t do. It’s even harder when you feel limited by your trauma or past experiences. Luckily, that's where I'm the expert.

I want to show you the way to reclaiming the fullness and brightness of who you are and what you can bring to the world when you're free of your most stubborn limitations.

What becomes 


You will feel stronger from the inside, regardless of what’s going on in the world and in your life. 


You will have more clarity and deep trust in yourself and your direction.


There will be more room in your life for lightness and fun and creativity. 


When my youngest sister died suddenly it was a shock, a wake up call. Everything seemed to change around me – my priorities, how I spent my time, how I showed my love, how I treated and saw myself, and the big picture of life in general. Through my deep connection with my sister and my spiritual training, I experienced and felt her afterlife spaces. I was surprised to feel a joy in her at being connected to her essence, separate from the weight of the world.

This is something we can experience when alive now. When we open up to death itself and the experiences beyond the veil, it brings an appreciation of the preciousness of life. We can experience a calmness and deep trust that what awaits us is a peace that doesn't need to be feared.

the wake up call

I know what it's like to feel limited by what feels out of your own control.

I’ve been in your shoes, struggling with anxiety and feelings of depression at times. I felt unsatisfied in my career yet kept going with it because I had started it. It wasn’t until I started studying meditation and doing my own inner work that things began to open up. I felt much more confident and willing to take risks to try new things and step out of the box I felt I was in.

I strengthened my energetic body through meditation based practices that allow for healing at the source, letting go of the old ways of doing things and connecting deeply with my powerful essence.

Life felt a lot more fun, inspiring and creative. I love helping women find this for themselves too and I marvel at what they end up creating and sharing with the world.


I have a gift of seeing beyond the obstacles to help you see & know your                  nature.

Just like you, I don't fit into your average box that my title suggests. Take what you think about "Dr." and toss it out the window. I'm a kick-ass hockey goalie, an avid meditator, a boy mom, entrepreneur, energy worker, earth mother, and so much more. 

not your typical doctor...

Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a minor in Psychology: Yale University

Doctor of Medicine: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Psychiatry specialty training: Boston University Medical Center

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Fellowship: Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute

IST Practitioner, Inner Space of Meditation Therapeutic Techniques with over 15 years of study and training at the Clairvision School.

Health Coach, Advanced Nutrition: Institute for Integrative Nutrition


& Training

Over 20 years of training and personal development work in the fields of meditation, intuitive eating, embodied movement, energy work, somatic therapy and sexuality healing processes.

Her work has been featured on NPR, TEDx blog, Andover TV, Merrimack Valley Magazine and Thrive Global. Her talks have been sponsored by the American Holistic Nurses Association, the Natural Living Expo, the Mind Body Spirit Life Expo and the Holistic Mom’s Network. 

10 years and counting as an online Holistic Psychiatrist and Spirituality & Soul Mentor.

Helping high achieving women overcome stress & anxiety to feel more joy



“Thanks for your support and presence today💕, Maureen. You help provide clarity to my less-defined thoughts and experiences, and your care and patience provide encouragement as I grow more into myself.


– Allie

“Beautifully sensitive, calming, insightful, and kind hardly scratch the surface of my recent session with Maureen.  I recently suffered the loss of my father and I am so grateful to have Maureen’s guidance in this difficult time.  Through gentle breathing exercise and guided meditation I was able to release a pit in my stomach I had carried for months.  Maureen is soothing, intuitive, and tremendously respectful of your time and experience.  I am looking forward to all the possibilities going forward through our work together.”

Through gentle breathing exercise and guided meditation I was able to release a pit in my stomach I had carried for months.


I've been so inspired by your insistence on being so authentic to your experience and the rawness that you bring is so striking. At times I get kind of nervous by it, but I need it, like it and it gives me so much permission. I really see you as a warrior, like you're doing something so serious and beautiful with this work.”

Ready to receive?

you deserve to be seen and supported at every level of your being.

more than a coach, more than traditional psychotherapy

Through my unique approach and my deep commitment to holding space for growth and transformation, my clients get results that cannot be obtained solely by working with a coach or even a psychiatrist.