Helping you reduce your anxiety by 75% in a holistic way, through healing childhood trauma and boundary setting, without meds.

IT’S TIME… Time for you to take back your power, and say goodbye to anxiety & overwhelm.

Everybody knows who they are at their worst. It’s easy to criticize yourself and get lost in the shadows of what doesn’t feel right. But we don’t all get to meet the most powerful version of ourselves because we’re so preoccupied with the other version of us that exists. The key is getting to meet this most powerful version of yourself. To meet the strongest, wisest, wealthiest, most enlightened, awake and aware version of yourself. It’s from here that healing and integration happens.

I’m here to show you the way to hold and integrate your challenges, your stress, anxiety and overwhelm through meeting and knowing your power. It’s actually your strengths that will show you the way and allow healing. The most powerful version of yourself is already here and I can show you how to step into her and reclaim your power.

You're not here to be directed by your smallness, stress, and self-doubt. You crave to be led by your desires and bring them straight into reality.

knowing you're meant for big things doesn't stop you from self-sabotage, feeling depressed, or getting in your own way like clockwork. You're not broken. (promise). You likely haven't had the right kind of support that sustainably leads you out of the weeds and into your limitless... yet!

it's time to align with your destiny, not your limitations.

You're no longer on your own.

My signature method of holistic psychiatry doesn't just account for one part of you. This is a spiritual, and holistic approach to what you may have already tried.

As a powerful woman, you've likely tried it all. Perhaps you've even tried to do it all by yourself.  This is the embodied approach to meeting your highest version of yourself allowing you to unblock and open your way to fully welcoming and becoming her.

it takes a deep and continuous experience of your highest self to have a life-altering breakthrough.

What you can 


Unlike other systems, we don’t focus on the block itself but instead I’ll help you build up your energetic system to align with and BE the most powerful version of yourself where the block doesn’t exist. Your blocks will melt away.

find the clarity you've been missing to heal the blocks you can't yet see.


If you’re dealing with doubt, stress, or overwhelm beyond belief, know that I have the tools to shift you back into your most desired state. Let me show you the way.

free yourself from the weight you've been carrying for decades.


I'm talking about that untapped power and potential that you've likely only scratched the surface of. There are forces, energies and power available for you that when you connect with, you will feel a clear “Yes!” as you come home to who you really are and what you’re meant to be in this lifetime. You’ll never get this in a typical psychiatry appointment.

connect to a power greater than you've ever experienced.


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Embody Your Power

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Potent 1:1 support to take you deeper than you've ever allowed yourself to go. Together, we'll deeply cleanse your most stubborn blockages and limitations to getting what you truly want in this life.

My  group coaching experience for women who want to step into their next level of owning their power and strengths in business and in life. This program is both sweet, and spicy.

My best-selling masterclass series that will take you into the body to re-set your nervous system and tap into the expansion and ease you crave to experience on the daily.

support that will change your life

for women who get to remember their own power

Holistic Psychiatrist, Spirituality & Soul Mentor, Wise Woman, Holder of Big Spaces

I help powerful female leaders to heal the mental blocks, emotional distress, and spiritual stagnation so they can align with their destiny and claim their limitless potential.

To put it frankly, I'm not screwing around when it comes to mental and emotional wellbeing. I don't call myself Doctor for nothing. I have a degree (many in fact) in medicine, but I am truly a Healer, versed in many methods from East to West.


I'm Dr. Maureen

Let's connect you deeply with your most powerful essence

Move from unsatisfied, to unstoppable.

Ready to be inspired and learn the tools to get you back into the driver's seat of your own divine power? Check out my course & masterclass library and get the support you crave.



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"I needed to hear this, and be reminded of it. I often put myself last and then have no energy left to take care of myself. I trust myself with everybody's best interest, except for my own far too often. The thing is I know I am intuitive but don't follow through with what I KNOW I should be doing. It may be that I am too tired, or freeze with indecision. I greatly appreciate Maureen’s time and the information she shares. Maureen has a soothing and gentle presence that makes me feel she really does have my best interest at heart."

Maureen has a soothing and gentle presence that makes me feel she really does have my best interest at heart.


- Katelyn Brush, Leadership and Business Coach

“Maureen is brilliant. The way she blends her knowledge, wisdom, and intuition when holding space is next level. I feel so safe in her presence because she not only really sees me, but she has the experience and education to support me. I think everyone deserves someone like Maureen in their support system! If you're thinking about working with her, whether it be a workshop or 1:1, DO IT! You won't regret it and your life will be forever changed."

she not only really sees me, but she has the experience and education to support me.

- Kristen Curtis

“Maureen's Rituals for Release Masterclass was so informative and expansive. Maureen provides such a warm and peaceful atmosphere. Through her guidance she allows whoever she works with to truly tune into themselves. Maureen combines her great knowledge of energy work with a kind and comforting atmosphere to create healing and expansion.”

Maureen combines her great knowledge of energy work with a kind and comforting atmosphere to create healing and expansion.


let's work