Your purpose and dream life already exist.

You just need to align with them.

I can show you how.

I’m Dr. Maureen Magauran

I help busy women move from treating themselves like a problem to be solved to experiencing the joy and ease that comes from living a life fully aligned with their purpose.

Maybe you find yourself…

  • Stuck trying to think your way out of the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm you feel
  • Tired of hopping from one coach or therapist to another without really getting the results you need
  • Longing for a life that feels abundant and fulfilling but you’re also afraid that means you’ll just have to do more
I know because I’ve been there, too.

I’ve dealt with burnout, depression, and discontent, and tried traditional medicine as well as alternative approaches.

While the traditional western medical model says:

“Let’s figure out what’s wrong and address the symptoms.” 

I know that there is so much more to it–and you–than that.

You can probably remember a time in your childhood when you felt that you could do anything. Over time, that fearlessness and confidence becomes clouded with the toxic belief that you don’t deserve success.

I work both virtually and in-person with clients through my unique approach, combining meditation, energy work, somatic therapy, mindfulness, and therapy training, so you can uproot your false beliefs, identify and align with your purpose, and get to the best and brightest version of yourself.

My Story

I come from a family of 6 generations of doctors in Ireland. It felt natural that I should follow in their footsteps, so I went to study medicine in Dublin at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

There, I experienced a bout of depression, and even though I was a bit skeptical, I decided to try talk therapy. 

It was in talk therapy that a lightbulb went off for me: We can change the way we feel by changing the way we think. So, I decided to specialize in psychiatry.

Unfortunately, I quickly discovered that traditional psychiatry training is more focused on medication and hospitalization than treating the root cause of any mental illness, but I forged ahead to complete my training.

Both during my training and afterward when I went into private practice, I dealt with burnout. I looked for relief in the form of antidepressants and more therapy, but I ultimately realized that my burnout and depression were due to being out of alignment.

There wasn’t anything wrong with me. I didn’t need to be “fixed” or diagnosed. I needed to find my life’s purpose and align myself with it.

I began a journey of seeking alternative treatments, including integrative nutrition, meditation, IST (Inner Space Techniques of Meditation), and exploring spirituality.

Through meditation and IST I felt deeply connected to a sense of love and warmth and purpose. 

My relationships deepened and my heart felt more open and connected to people. I started to feel much more comfortable expressing myself, my love, my desires, and what I wanted in a way that felt empowering.

I realized that IST was the powerful missing link in therapy and with my patients and clients. Up until that point I had been thinking of starting a new career and getting out of psychiatry altogether. 

With the discovery of this new tool, I felt excited and energized about working with patients and clients again, but I knew I wouldn’t be doing things the same way anymore, which brings me to the work I do today.

Using IST, I guide clients into a deeper, meditative space where the mind’s awareness and its repetitive, circular thoughts are removed.

From a place of quiet and stillness, things are more clear. Insights, memories, images, and more, can reveal themselves to you when the loudness of your mind is quieted. 

This is a deeply empowering process that my clients and I work through together. They learn to listen to themselves more deeply, trust themselves, and open up to the possibility of something greater than themselves that is here to help. 

The experience of allowing yourself to let go of your inner grasping and trying to “do” is profoundly transformative. Once you release these old patterns, you can transition to a place of support and trust, of feeling held, loved, at ease and at peace.

The objective of my work is to liberate people from their pain and bring them back to wholeness. I don’t believe in categorizing clients into buckets that serve only to limit them. And I attach no stigma to the use of medications or even hospitalization when someone needs more support, because that may be exactly what they need.

In my work, I see my clients’ full potential.

I hold space and create a container for them so they can start to see and feel their full potential, too. Once they’re able to connect with this different reality, they can live from a new, whole part of themselves – from their true essence. 

I believe that just because people struggle now doesn’t mean they always will. Part of being human is dealing with struggle, but it’s also about finding love, connection and acceptance. 

My work is about helping people delight in the recognition of their own possibility and potential, and boldly enter into it.

My Training

Through my unique approach to care and my deep commitment to holding space for growth and transformation, my clients get results that cannot be obtained solely by working with a coach or even a psychiatrist. 

In addition to my formal training listed below, I have also completed over 10,000 hours of personal transformation work since medical school and I am continually studying the latest alternative approaches to bring even more expertise and support to my clients.

Education & Training:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a minor in Psychology: Yale University
  • Doctor of Medicine: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • Psychiatry specialty training: Boston University Medical Center
  • Psychoanalytic psychotherapy fellowship: Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute
  • IST Practitioner, Inner Space of Meditation Therapeutic Techniques with over 10 years of study and training at the Clairvision School.
  • Health Coach, Advanced Nutrition: Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • 20 years of training and personal development work in the fields of meditation, body and sexuality process and intuitive eating.
  • My work has been featured on NPR, TEDx blog, Andover TV, Merrimack Valley Magazine and Thrive Global.  My talks have been sponsored by the American Holistic Nurses Association, the Natural Living Expo, the Mind Body Spirit Life Expo and the Holistic Mom’s Network. 

Maureen is very professional, intuitive, smart and warm.  She has a deep understanding of psychiatry and IST/ meditation. Each session is structured in a way that brings important revelations into view every time – consistently.


Marketing Director

Maureen works with women and mothers who suffer from anxiety to help them bring joy back into their lives. Her insight and vision was very helpful and generous. I have enjoyed her warmth and enthusiasm, as well as her intelligence. S.K.

Business Consultant

Maureen cares deeply and her capacity for nurturing is very visible. She is very perceptive and has a deep level of self-awareness. Her openness, clarity and receptivity make it very easy to work with her. B.B.

Homeopathy Practitioner

Maureen uses deep meditation techniques to bring you to a place of connection where you can get back in touch with your true self. Unlike other therapies where you may focus on current problems in your life, Maureen’s work goes deeper to address root causes and help change habitual patterns and attitudes that keep you from living a fulfilling life. She is caring, attentive, and knowledgeable. The major benefit I’ve received is feeling more connected and supported in life and less likely to spin out with negative thinking as I used to do.


Store owner

Maureen exhibits qualities of sincerity, calming, a deep sense of caring and commitment towards her clients. J.H.

Medical Administrative Assistant

You do plenty, but you’re meant for so much more

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