The Winter Solstice is the day with the smallest amount of daylight, sometimes referred to as the “darkest day of the year” or the “shortest day of the year.”  It marks the start of the lengthening of the days and longer periods of sunlight.

In the spirit of the return of the light and a powerful symbol of the victory of life over death, I would like to share a podcast I did with Shelby Forsythia, an Intuitive Grief Guide on her podcast Coming Back.

We talked about my experience with my youngest sister’s death almost a year ago, and how there was a sense of feeling her presence and her joy.  Of feeling her victory of life over death in that her presence is not gone after she has died.  She is still with us and we feel her and her love all of the time.  We talked about how we can conceptualize and heal the wound of loss in our lives.

Our talk together starts at 15:08 of the podcast.

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