This woman’s work is life changing! If you want to live in alignment with your purpose, find a sense of peace and calmness, and wake up excited to start your day, you must know Dr. Maureen Magauran!”I highly endorse Maureen’s work!”

Casey Berglund RD RYT

Purpose Coach | Embodiment Guide | TEDx Speaker & owner of worthyandwell.com

“I am so grateful for the work that I have been doing with Dr. Maureen Magauran over the past few months. My life has changed ❤️ I am a happier, more complete, and true version of myself.”

Meg O’Neill

Energy Worker & Yoga Teacher

“When I started working with Maureen I was struggling with next steps around my business while half-heartedly continuing to work as a nurse case manager. I couldn’t identify next steps and was very self-critical.

Through our work I found an acceptance of myself and current place in my path, permission to take time for myself with self-care, pleasure, and reflection with trust that plan will take shape. I learned and continue to practice stress management techniques and found deeper healing around the trauma of sexual assault.

Maureen has a gentle, genuine and supportive manner that creates a safe, nonjudgmental and caring space. I have felt more relaxed with an ability to address difficulties with less angst.  I feel clearer about how to proceed to make my dreams come true.”


Nurse, Storytelling, Reiki, and Coaching

“I am continuing to access and remember that a calm energy exists within me. I really like the alternate way of trying to restore inner harmony and balance that you offer.”


“Maureen cares deeply and her capacity for nurturing is very visible. She is very perceptive and has a deep level of self-awareness. Her openness, clarity and receptivity make it very easy to work with her.”


Homeopathy Practitioner

“My work with Dr. Maureen Magauran has been essential for my personal/professional growth/development and I feel forever grateful. I think, in part, it’s provided tools that allow me to just BE.”

“I recently met Maureen though a Clarity Call and was most impressed at her ability to narrow down and point out obstacles and barriers that I have created over time that prevent me from living my most fulfilled life. She was thoughtful and caring in her questions, always without judgment, that allowed us to quickly establish a good rapport in a ‘safe’ environment. She’s a true professional and I quickly realized, a master at her craft!”


“I was feeling overwhelmed, tired, anxious, and stressed. I felt off and didn’t really know how to manage it. I feel super grateful for investing the time and money to work with Maureen. She helps me be less judgmental of what comes up emotionally and with my desires. It just feels like a safe space to access and speak my truth. Maureen is trustworthy, grounded, intuitive and she does powerful work.”

“I’m starting to view my relationship differently and giving less of a voice to the conditioned fearful part of me that tells me to get out and run away. I’m building compassion for that part too. Thank you for your support. I’m so grateful for your work in the world.”

“I can feel the joy in the every day things, a contentment and not the sense of constantly criticizing everything around me, making it perfect, my impatience and being quick to anger. Instead I feel the joy and laughter and happiness in my life.”

“Maureen is very professional, intuitive, smart and warm. She has a deep understanding of psychiatry and IST/ meditation. Each session is structured in a way that brings important revelations into view every time – consistently.”


Marketing Director

“Maureen uses deep meditation techniques to bring you to a place of connection where you can get back in touch with your true self. Unlike other therapies where you may focus on current problems in your life, Maureen’s work goes deeper to address root causes and help change habitual patterns and attitudes that keep you from living a fulfilling life. She is caring, attentive, and knowledgeable. The major benefit I’ve received is feeling more connected and supported in life and less likely to spin out with negative thinking as I used to do.”



“Maureen is earnest, passionate, and committed to sharing that passion and her insight and experience with others. She has given me support, encouragement and help with a focus on moving forward rather than dwelling on the past.”


Elementary School Teacher

“Prior to working with you I was feeling pretty anxious and stressed and desiring that sense of being held or not having to work so hard. The theme of our work revealed itself in the first call. I decided to really honor myself and had a wonderful and nurturing day that felt truly rejuvenating. I was reflecting on all the things happening in my life and just had this sense and desire within myself, knowing that your support would be beneficial… I feel like I am getting closer to living from a place of “true self” – a space that is authentic, limitless, and more fun.”

“I really respect and admire you for your authenticity and wisdom.”

“I could see how I was cutting my own wings. I had a deep belief that limited my desires and self-confidence. I now see this doesn’t belong to me. Things feel much freer.”

“I was feeling lost and looking for something. I had given everything I had to my children. I was anxious and unhappy. After working with Dr. Maureen Magauran, I began to feel more calm, started taking better care of myself and felt more confident. I know that the investment of time and money was well worth it.”

“I feel like a shift was created, in a way with grace and flow and ease. I’m not afraid of hard work but I can see how it can be a letting go in a way I hadn’t grasped.”

“The 8 sessions we have had have been transformative for me already.”

“Maureen exhibits qualities of sincerity, calming, a deep sense of caring and commitment towards her clients.”


“I can’t believe how much you are helping me. I feel really good after our sessions. Thank you so much!”


“I was struggling with feeling a lot of anxiety and was looking for ways to help find the root cause of my anxiety, along with a holistic approach to feeling more grounded without resorting to medications with tons of side effects.

Since we’ve started working together, I have learned a lot of ways to keep myself calm and grounded. I have been able to open up more around friends/family, I’ve been listening to my body and am more understanding of what it needs, and I’ve stopped pushing away my emotions. I now treat them with kindness and understanding. I feel so much more in tune with myself!

Thank you so much for being so understanding! You’ve truly helped me change my life. I could never thank you enough for everything you have done! Thank you for being you!

If you are looking to create a life that is less filled with days of being overly stressed, burnt out, and lost, this is where it starts!”



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