TEDx Lincoln Square just published my recent article!  The theme of the TEDx event this year is Looking Beyond.  I wrote about Looking Beyond Life and Death, based on the death of two close family members within a few months of each other last year.

Death is a difficult and incredibly awakening experience.  It makes us stop in our tracks and question everything.  I had some powerful experiences that have changed the way I live and view life and death.  I would be honored to share it with you in the article.  Click here to read the full article.

Two weeks ago I gave a free talk locally called Living with Intention. There was a lot of interest in the talk and it is something I hear from a lot of people, asking how they can live more intentionally.

I spoke about how you can get more in touch with what you want in life, get to know yourself more deeply and feel more present in your day to day experiences.

I also spoke about neuroscience research that looks at different levels of trauma in life, ranging from major life events to more subtle, chronic experiences that can have a detrimental effect on your sense of self-esteem, self-confidence and your ability to feel present and feel joy and pleasure. While major life difficult experiences are obvious, it was interesting to see that the more chronic experiences, often related to childhood are harder to see and some times seem “invisible.” It can make it difficult for you to understand why you feel the way you do, or why you don’t feel more pleasure and joy in your life.

I’m excited to share more of this with you in an article I’m writing. I will discuss ways you can recognize it and heal from it. This information can have a big impact on your life and how you feel and connect with others.

Keep an eye out for that article, as well as some other blog posts I will be sending you.

Click here to read the full TEDx Blog article “Looking Beyond Life and Death.”

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. I’d love to hear how this information is helping you, and what you would like to hear more about.