an intimate mini-retreat for women

“I loved so many things about the Permission to Play workshop. It was powerful… to see that play is always a choice. I loved the music.”

Rachel Forsyth

“If life has felt more tedious than enjoyable it’s time to see you have choices.  With openness, acceptance and humor, this is an event that can wake up the dormant exuberance within that we all have, and we all crave.”

“I liked getting into the groove of being creative. That was awesome, brought out the kid in me. And she really wants to come and say ‘Screw all this serious adulting.’ The effects of the workshop have held over.”

Jessy Bender

We invite you to join us for an evening of play on a gorgeous restored 19th century farm, home to acres of forest, organic herbs and flowers and a beautiful lake.


“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense, and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.” -Maya Angelou

Permission to Play is a workshop designed to expand boundaries, introduce fun ways to re-engage play and ignite that unbearable lightness of being.  You will learn tools to bring your own brand of joy and playfulness into everyday life.

Each woman experiences play in her own unique way, and yet the desire for a sense of personal freedom, buoyancy and inner spaciousness holds true for all women. In play, we embrace experiences, learn from every moment, and we become open to new opportunities. Rather than looking for what’s wrong inside us, let’s start celebrating all that is right within us.

Join us if you want to:

  • Feel Lighter – Experience less judgement in your life
  • Find the Joy Even in the most soul-sucking circumstances
  • Break Free from BoredomTurn frustration into fun
  • Experience FreedomFeel the relief in your own body. Let go of the places that are stuck, feel crunchy or tight
  • Expand Your Comfort ZoneBringing more joy and inviting more opportunities to play
  • Have ConnectionExperience deep belly laughs in a supported space of community
  • Learn New ToolsTurn any situation into play
  • Feel fully alive, sensual and awakened

You’ll have spent an evening doing something you wouldn’t normally do.

This is way better than a movie


Putting down the phone

It feels so good to feel free and spacious.

Having four hours of outrageous fun being you 

while not having to take care of anyone else.


And…You get to make a mess and not clean it up!


Date: Saturday, September 7th 2019
Time: 4-8pm
Location: iFarm, 55 Towne Rd, Boxford, Massachusetts

Cost: $149

If you have any questions about registering email us at [email protected]  for support.

“There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening, that is translated through you into action. And because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.” – Martha Graham

About Your Retreat Leaders:

Jennifer Pennell is sought after for her playful approach to meditation and transformation work. She helps women of all ages relearn how to play, as a way to improve vitality, unleash creativity, reduce anxiety and reignite their enthusiasm for life, love, and work. Her 10 years of intense meditation studies coupled with 15 years as an executive search consultant working with Fortune 500 companies has helped her support clients as an IST Practitioner (a meditation-based, healing and regression modality) to reduce stress and anxiety in their bodies and fostered her love of hosting workshops centered around play, empowerment and wildness. She is a reformed corporate executive, passionate meditator, curious parent, and lifelong traveler.

Jennifer has created and run this workshop several times with great success in California and Arizona. She is thrilled to bring it to the Boston area to collaborate with her friend and colleague Maureen.

Dr. Maureen Magauran is a holistic psychiatrist, intuitive coach, and, IST (Inner Space Techniques) meditation practitioner. She is highly sought after for her unique, holistic approach to healing stress while empowering successful women to live more without doing more. With formal training in psychiatry, psychoanalysis and integrative nutrition, Maureen has over 20 years of professional and personal experience in the fields of meditation, body and sexuality process, and intuitive eating.

She takes the best of eastern and western medicine, drawing on a range of tools like meditation, energy work, somatic therapy, mindfulness, and therapy training to help thousands of clients become more successful while embracing their true feminine nature and having time for relaxation and pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why did you create this retreat?

I found myself experiencing a certain level of boredom, and was working hard for everyone else. I found myself always busy, always going. I wanted to feel a sense of vacation in my daily life, not a feeling of drudgery.

When my good friend and colleague Jen Pennell started running workshops on the Inner Wild Child and Permission to Play in San Diego and Arizona, they looked so fun, I wanted to be there!

I wanted to collaborate with Jen, combining our expertise to bring that spirit to the Boston area and share it with my clients and friends. I know it will have a big impact and have seen how much past participants have raved about it.

As Jen says” We all want betterment in our lives- we want to be better moms, better professionals, better partners, and better people. But betterment often feels like an obligation- like it’s time to eat our vegetables. Where is the fun in that? Becoming better versions of ourselves actually happens when we are relaxed and happy, creative and exploring. And that’s more fun to do in community with others.”

So many of us women wake up one day and realize we have lost our spirit, our spunk, our sense of fun and aliveness. We wonder how did this happen? Sure signs that we’ve lost our way are when we feel rigid, predictable, bored, stuck, tired, resentful, depressed, or angry. We numb ourselves, or vow to do something about it- which also feels serious. Why, when we just need to explore the ways we already know how to be light and carefree? Even if we have forgotten, our inner 10 year old remembers…

Once we get to relax into our body like this, our creativity flows, our vitality flows, and it feels good!

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for you if you:


-Feel stuck in life or just want to have some fun and a new experience.

-Are a professional or stay-at-home mom or neither, but you have gotten so caught up in life and it’s relentless pursuit, that you’ve lost sense of who you are.

-Are productive all the time, and when you get into bed, you feel exhausted and wonder why there’s NEVER enough time for you.

-If you had 4 hours of free time to do whatever you wanted (checking boxes off your to-do list doesn’t count,) you might not even know how you would spend that time.

-You like creating things, or want to express yourself more creatively but it feels kind of an unknown, because you’re not doing it.

-Feel like you’re operating from a space of should versus wants and cans, or feel a sense of duty and obligation in life versus it’s fun and interesting to me.

-Want to tap into a way to enrich your soul, to find a way to do things as an enjoyable process of doing.

-Want to feel a sense of lightness, where things feel more humorous, light and joyful, so that suddenly the things you’re really stressing over don’t really matter and work themselves out.

-Want to feel more of a sense of adventure and more freedom to pursue the things you’ve always wanted to do, whatever it is.  To give yourself the space to feel what that might be like.

-Remember how good it felt to play all day as a kid and want to recapture that wonder in your life now.  Maybe you caught fireflies, walked barefoot, got dirty and looked forward to getting up the next morning to do it again.

If you having any of these experiences the good news is you’re not alone.  Join this intimate group of women as we explore tools to bring fun and what you want into your daily life.

What will we do in this retreat?

We will be exploring the different ways we limit ourselves in life, and highlighting the ways we can move into a sense of play, fun, creativity and lightness.

Since play can literally be anything, and everyone has their own unique relationship to play, we have a series of activities to invite both quiet exploration and shared exploration through dialogue, textures, nature and journaling.

We’ll play with color, and finger paints and connect with each other. (We cannot draw a stick figure so please don’t expect this to be an art lesson.) This will be so much more than art work.  It’s an inner exploration and we will use the beautiful grounds of the farm to move around and explore play.

There will be room for spontaneity so we can create a personalized approach for the group.

Everyone is always in full permission to jump into the activities or to remain in observation.

Permission for you to do exactly as you want is as important here as play.

Dress comfortably and in clothes that you don’t care if you get paint on. (It’s washable paint so should wash right out.)

We are planning for a bonfire so your clothes may get smoky.

We will send an email to participants as to what to bring prior to the event.

What can I expect to take away from this retreat?

-A new experience with an amazing group of women.

-The opportunity to bring a fresh you to your day, with a perspective that allows you to enjoy even the hard or boring parts of everyday life.

-You’ll remember what it was like to feel more free.  You’ll feel how easy and simple it is to incorporate more fun and play into your life.

-You’ll take away an experience of lightness and play in your body, and recognize where it hasn’t been able to express or has felt stuck.  This will give you tools to move through it.

-You’ll uncover strategies to be present so that you can make different choices to stay in a place of joy, rather than in sadness or depression.

-You’ll have tools to learn how to play again and how to bring this lightness and part of yourself into your everyday life.

-You’ll feel more energized and confident.

Where is the retreat being held?

The retreat is being held on a gorgeous restored 19th-century farm that is home to acres of organic herbs and flowers and a large serene pond. iFarm’s mission is to create a happier and more sustainable world by bringing nature and our community together.

iFarm is located 35 minutes north of Boston in the town of Boxford. The 19 acres of picturesque land are adjacent to the 1000 acre Boxford State Forest and the Towne Pond.  iFarm, 55 Towne Road, Boxford, MA 01921

What is the retreat cancellation policy?

Up to 7 days prior to the retreat a 50% refund will be given for cancellations. After August 30th no refunds will be given.

For questions or more information email us at [email protected]

“It’s amazing how much I got out of Permission to play. I felt the beautiful space for the class the moment I walked in. Magical! Such a fun flow of excitement and anticipation. It felt irreverent, bad, and oh so good. Gorgeous clockwork, laughter. Then, the gentle holding at the end. I can feel my desire to play like never before and I plan to take full advantage of it. Wow, thank you!”

Nina Gates

“The Permission to Play experience inspired me to get more uninhibited in my thoughts and behaviors which was both refreshing and uncomfortable. Through activity, laughter and deeply honest conversations, a connection formed between all participants that for me was really unexpected and wonderful! Thank you!”

Keasha Lee Ince

Founder + Creative Director, Striking Statements

“Awesome class. So much fun!”

Marsha A.

“I’d say I’m definitely more goofy after the workshop. I see the value of loosening up. It helps me and can help those around me. I feel lighter and less judgement. There’s such a joy in staying curious. Monotony and routine can feel life sucking.”

Jessy Bender

Professional Musician and Sound Technician