I had a powerful experience of tapping into and connecting with my inner beauty, even through resistance, and I saw how inner beauty can show up on the outside.

As we all allow ourselves to step into our inner beauty and align with it, we allow others to see and feel the potential in themselves, inspiring us all to shine our lights more brightly.

A friend had recommended getting my colors done.  She had done it and it had a big impact for her.  I didn’t know much about it and it brought back memories of my best friend Marnie in high school, who took on a part time job selling make-up and it included a color consultation.  She hadn’t had much training or experience with it, but it was fun and exciting at the time.  I remember her telling me that since I had brown hair and freckles that I was a fall and that my colors were brown and orange.  My response was less than enthusiastic as I didn’t like those colors and found them boring.

Fast forward to 2017 and I was curious about it again, but hesitant. I did notice that my friend’s recent photos, as well as photos of other friends who had recently done a color analysis were stunning.  There was clearly something happening there and I wanted to learn more about it.

I got on the phone with Nathalie Chapron of Enlightened Beauty to find out more about the process.  I decided to work with her and her amazing assistant Lisa Gaines before my next meditation retreat in California.  I knew that I struggled with accepting my own beauty.  I had always felt plagued with insecurities about my looks, especially with feeling a lifelong struggle with my weight and wanting to be thinner, thinking that was the answer to feeling more beautiful. It’s so easy to compare ourselves to magazine models and to always find a flaw.

As it got closer to flying out to California and meeting with Nathalie and Lisa, I felt tremendously nervous and unsure about investing in this experience for myself.  I spoke with Nathalie on the phone and she was very reassuring that this was totally normal and that when we are about to make a big change that a part of us resists and is fearful.

This made sense to me because I had felt it before, when I was just about to have big breakthroughs in other areas of my life. 

I see it now in my clients when they commit to themselves and to creating their dreams, and how after making the commitment a sense of fear can come up.  I see it as a positive sign because they are choosing to live their life from a new, more free perspective.  This is exactly what happened to me.

I met with Nathalie and Lisa and felt like I entered a different world.  A world of femininity and softness and beauty.  It was like the beauty was in the air or in the flow, like a palpable layer of life-force and energy.  It was enlivening and exciting.  As Nathalie and Lisa picked out my colors and laid them out for me, I felt a strong reaction.  A part of me said “no” at first.  The colors felt “old” and for some reason reminded me of my Nana who had passed away.  I could feel a resistance to them, especially the soft pinks and I saw that I hadn’t been’t wearing those colors at all.  The colors were triggering something in me.

The next morning I woke up early and laid the color strips out on the floor as I sat in front of them.  That’s when it hit me.  These used to be some of my favorite colors when I was a kid.  I even had my room painted in one of the soft pink colors as a kid because I loved it so much.  But then something happened where I stopped wearing them. Maybe it was around the time my Nana died, I’m not sure.  But it feels like a part of my heart closed around that time.

I got tougher inside, and tougher on myself.  I felt more critical of myself and disappointed with my feeling not pretty or unattractive. I could see how all of the clothes I was wearing up until that point didn’t flatter me.  Up until then I loved stripes and bold colors but now I could see that these patterns and colors didn’t suit me and by wearing them that they allowed me to hide and not be seen.

Part of me was hiding and didn’t want to be seen because of the closings and fear and sadness I had felt as a kid. The beautiful thing was the realization that I am no longer that kid and I don’t feel the same way about myself now.  I have done a lot of work on myself and I feel more comfortable being myself and being seen, although it is an ongoing project.  I have since found that when I wear the colors in the palate that was selected for me that I feel at home.

I feel really comfortable, and connected to this soft part of my heart, especially with the soft mauve pinks. I was truly amazed to see that I hadn’t been wearing any of the colors that were selected for me.

When I did start to wear them after the consultation I could feel different parts of me that I hadn’t felt in a long time, softer parts, bubbly fun and excited parts, parts of me that loved to shine.  I love wearing emerald green now and teal blues and crimson reds.

I feel more beautiful.  It’s as though this experience helped me align my inner beauty with an outer beauty. Initially I had thought that getting my colors done might seem vain and unnecessary.  But when I felt the profound effects it had on me at even a soul level, I was incredibly impressed.

The sense of being home and at ease and playful was profound. The icing on the cake for me was to work with the incredibly talented photographer Lindsay Miller of Be Wildly Visible.  She took photos of me in outfits based on the colors and designs suggested by Nathalie.  Lindsay has a unique approach to photography that made all the difference in the success of my photo shoot.

She has a gift of helping you discover your four essences- four uniques aspects of you that are core to who you are and what you bring into this world.  Not only can she highlight your essence but she can bring it out in front of the camera. I’ve always felt shy and uncomfortable in front of the camera, preferring to avoid having my photo taken.  Lindsay made it so easy, and a lot of fun!

One thing I learned from working with her which I now use in every photo I am in, is to meet the camera.  Since having the experience with her I feel like now I can bring and allow my essence to come forward, as if it is walking toward the photographer, meeting her and in its full glory. It is so fun and liberating to have that experience and permission for these deep parts of me to come forward and be seen.

Lindsay is the perfect person to do it with because her essence is right there meeting you.  It almost felt like dancing.  I enjoyed it so much!

I know that not everyone might have the opportunity to work with Nathalie or Lisa or Lindsay,  but if you can I recommend it.  You can find a local color consultant or look online or play with different colors and see how they make you feel.  You can explore your essences and what you want to bring forward, even if their is fear or resistance there.

None of us needs to hide any more, we all need to shine our lights and be in our beauty to inspire and lift each other up to living more full and connected lives. 

Life is short, and the more we can be present and shining brightly, we can add to the world and give to others in ways we might not even expect.

Imagine a world where we were all aligned with our inner and outer beauty, where our essences could come forward and engage and play!  Can you feel the lightness and joy that will bring?  How divine!

For more information about color analysis work and to schedule a free call with Nathalie, go here.

For incredible photography, check out Lindsay’s amazing website here. You can schedule a call with her through her website.

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