Part 2 of a 3 part Blog Series

The Inner Space Techniques of meditation are an interactive process done with two people, a client and a practitioner. It is an interactive sourcing or getting to the root of the problem.  It requires no knowledge or training in meditation.

It can be done sitting up, but more often the client is laying down. This helps to let go more into the process, engage less with your mind, and feel relaxed and safe going into the process. 

A dialogue is engaged to bring more awareness as to what is happening in your body and your subtle energy. Root causes of issues in your life often lie on an unconscious level where they remain unknown and unresolved. To achieve lasting results, we need to bring them to conscious awareness.

Just as there are scars of the physical body, there are scars of the mind. ‘Samskara’ is a Sanskrit term for an emotional imprint or trauma. These samskaras rest beneath the surface of our conscious awareness and are therefore unconscious and buried deeply or sometimes not so deeply. They condition and shape your emotions, attitudes, and behaviors. As long as the samskara is not seen, it’s hard to know how it is influencing you.

As you see and feel these samskaras, the source of your emotions, attitudes, and behaviors is gradually revealed, allowing resolution at the level of the original problem. These samskaras can come from any stage of life from early childhood to past lives. It’s not necessary to believe in past lives to benefit from this process. What is important is how it can improve your present life situation.

IST does not use imagination or creative visualization. It does not ask you to believe in anything, only to follow a process. The fewer beliefs you bring with you, the more chance of success. Beliefs generate expectations that distort the purity of the experience and can keep you stuck in your mind rather than opening to a new, broader experience.

The blocks stemming from samskaras can show up as: 

  • self-limiting beliefs 
  • fear
  • anger 
  • deep sadness 
  • or anxiety that holds you back from living a full and productive life.

In these sessions, you will have realizations why your life has taken the course it has instead of the path you may have wanted. You’ll get to the core of the issue and open it up to lead to profound insights.

This process creates an inner energetic structuring that brings with it a feeling of solidity, grounding, and inner knowing.  You may feel a sense of spiritual connection, allowing you to feel supported by something greater than you, while experiencing a letting go of feeling small and alone.  This can bring an end to the belief that you have to do things by yourself. You may feel less of a need to “control” events and people and your life and feel a greater sense of trust in your experiences.  

As an example, you may feel like it’s hard to say ‘no’ to your boss when he asks you to work more, or you may feel you’re a ‘people pleaser.’ When you source it, you might see the pain from a childhood experience of being ignored by your mother repeatedly or on one particular occasion. It felt overwhelming and incredibly painful at the time so you shut it down and decided you wanted too much and your needs couldn’t be met.  You may have believed that you had to give to others first hoping to receive the love you wanted.  

This isn’t just an intellectual exercise, but is energetic as well and you feel it in your body.  A deep emotional release can happen where you allow yourself to feel the original closing and pain, let it move energetically and open to a sense of support from something greater.  There is an emotional and energetic healing that happens. You may feel a sense of things rearranging, along with an inner knowing and understanding of how to move forward in your life and ‘be’ different with integrating this experience. 

This awareness and energetic opening allows you to react less when you feel triggered that you’re being ignored, as in this example.  It doesn’t mean the reaction is gone entirely but you respond to it differently. There is more space available for you and your feelings.  

These changes can translate in practical ways through self healing, managing stress, being more present with friends and family, or bringing clarity to your life. 

With this process comes a sense of freedom. You gradually move away from being ruled by reactions to having clarity and the ability to make choices related to how to respond to challenging situations in your life. Your life opens up more and you feel you have more time and space to make decisions.  

Benefits of IST:

  • Helps you uncover and release old emotions and trauma
  • Understand and shift fears and unconscious patterns
  • Freedom from mental and emotional blocks
  • Overcome fears, grief, or loss
  • Increased vitality and spontaneity
  • More joy, openness, and fulfillment
  • Greater clarity when making important decisions
  • Improved relationships
  • Greater depth in your meditation practice
  • Awakening to a greater dimension of who you really are
  • An awakening of your innate self-healing capacity
  • Restoring energy and motivation
  • Achieving goals
  • Connecting to and deepening your inner sense of knowing
  • Gaining inner stillness and centeredness

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