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Hey there!   How’s it going?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the busy-ness of our world and the chaos it creates in our day to day life. I know you want to feel like you have more energy and free time, and you’re probably wondering how you can access this flow. I shared in my last newsletter that by doing less I was actually more productive and successful. This approach seems counterintuitive and requires a certain amount of trust in the outcome, while giving yourself a break from the do-do-do cycle of feeling like your on a hamster wheel and going nowhere.

I’m sharing a blog post from a talented writer and book editor, Colleen Temple.  Colleen is a wife and mom of three adorable girls. She worked as the MotherlyStories Editor at and is the editor of a recently released book called “This is Motherhood,” a collection of essays and practices to celebrate motherhood in all its complexity. I love her realness and how relatable her writing is. In this post she talks about her challenges with time and to-dos, and asks me questions about what Moms can do with all of the things they need to remember.

Colleen’s blog post is called “The Mental Notes of Motherhood Are Exhausting

Click on this link to read the full blog post.  You’ll get great tips for keeping track of things while being gentle on yourself.

It’s such valuable information!

I love working with women and Moms, and helping them believe they can have the life they want.

  • You can find a way to relax, to be in the moment and stop being ten steps ahead and getting worried about those ten steps that haven’t yet.
  • You can be relaxed with your children without the fear that you’ll be anxious, irritable or yell and it will affect them.
  • You can feel a sense of peace and calmness and have a vision board-clarity and joy.
  • You can wake up in the morning excited to start your day, feeling happy and a sense of adventure and freedom to pursue things you’ve always wanted to do.

If this interests you but you’ve held off before because of worries about time or cost or any other reasons, I’m starting an in-person group offering to help women address these concerns together, in addition to my one on one sessions. In the future I’d like to do virtual groups too so if this interests you, click the link below.

With my guidance based on what’s worked for hundreds of women, you too can feel more calm and peaceful, even if it seems impossible with everything you have to do. Hit reply to this email or click the button below and I’ll be in touch with more information.