Today is my youngest sister’s birthday. She died less than a year and a half ago.

Has anyone close to you died? Does talking about death make you feel uncomfortable or nervous?

Our society doesn’t talk about it much, but it’s a natural part of life.

We will all die and we don’t know when.

I find thinking about this helps me appreciate life more and be more present. It helps me focus on the priorities and get less lost in the distractions and busy-ness of life.

It helps me that I feel a sense of her spirit, and a sense of her peace. I miss her, but having the sense that she is ok makes a big difference.

Before I discovered meditation I had a big fear of death. It felt suffocating and black and I thought the person was just gone. Through my own personal process of doing IST (Inner Space Techniques) of Meditation- the process that I use with my clients, my relationship to myself and death changed.

I learned about the concept of samskaras, the Sanskrit word defined by Wikepedia as “the concept of imprints or impressions left on the mind by experience.”

When we have experiences in our life that we feel deeply, they can leave behind a kind of imprint. Some believe that these imprints come from past lives and are not just restricted to this life. We may feel like we have no idea why we have such a strong reaction to things.

These samksaras often show up as a pattern in your life, or a strong reaction to something. it can look very different for different people. The key is to source it and get to the root of the issue. When you see the root, things can resolve and change so they no longer have the power over you that they had.

When I got to the source of my fear of suffocation and blackness around death, it no longer had the power over me and the fear was not there. It opened me to experience death as simply moving into another stage, a stage that every single person will go through, no matter how much we try to deny the reality of death and focus only on living.

My experience is that meditation helps with that too.  It helps me feel more calm and clear on what I’m doing in life. It brings more of a sense of being, and slows things down so I feel more present.  It helps me enjoy the moments and have deeper connections with family and friends.

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