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Wouldn’t it be great if you could have more fun, freedom and pleasure in your life?
Can you hear your soul’s response when you ask yourself what you want?


In the 20 years that I’ve been working with women in my holistic psychiatry practice, I’ve seen the same things come up over and over again. Due to expectations and pressures of society many women feel small, they’re encouraged to be quiet, to fit in, that they need to look like ‘Barbie’ and to take care of everyone except themselves.


The effect of this is subtle yet profound.


As a woman you’re taught to disconnect from yourself- your desires, your needs, your beliefs. You’re put on the back burner to keep the family going, to keep the business of home running, without acknowledgement or pay. As a result you start to feel small and lose touch with the needs that are important to you.


I created this course to give you an invitation to connect to the play, fun, creativity and expansiveness that lies within you. This is inherently yours and deserves to be expressed, bringing a sense of freedom and liberation.  You’ll have more to give to people around you when you connect to your bigness, your unique expression and the resultant sense of joy.

I’m Maureen Magauran and I’m a Board certified psychiatrist, specializing in holistic psychiatry and coaching stressed out women and moms who want to feel more calm, clear and confident.

Through my Catholic upbringing I internalized a lot of strictness and disconnection and shame around my body, my sexuality, how much space I could take up and how loudly I could use my voice.

My experiences with the rules of religion left me feeling quiet and a bit afraid to take up space and be seen. In contrast, playing ice hockey while growing up and in college allowed me to take up a big space and use my voice loudly.  Playing sports gave me the experience of bringing all of myself with a resultant sense of freedom and joy.

For the last 20 years I’ve helped women shift from anxiety, depression and feeling stuck, into a much deeper connection with themselves, their strengths and their presence.

I’m leading this group to allow more people to have the opportunity to know themselves in this way.

What would it feel like to put yourself and fun on the priority list?

When you feel crazy busy, do you feel guilty for taking the time for YOU?
Do you feel like taking time for yourself will make it harder for others, like your husband?

Do you fear that people might judge you, and that there are certain things that moms “should” be focusing on that aren’t so frivolous?

Is there a fear you might look silly?  Like, I’m in my 40s and I shouldn’t be taking a dance class! There’s a whole story that runs in the background that makes you afraid to take action on what you might really enjoy.

We’ve been conditioned to just do what everybody else wants us to do.


We’re taught that it’s the time that’s left over from the kids and the family that’s for you, even if you’re exhausted and depleted.

There are socially acceptable ways of “relaxing” like going out to eat, or drinking or “mommy wine culture” or binge watching a show on Netflix. Rather than taking a break it’s actually keeping you busy so your mind can check out. On some level these things aren’t satisfying and are a stand in for real joy and rejuvenation.


When you allow time for yourself in a way that’s intentional, when you consider what you want to participate in, it feels really different. 


Instead of saying ‘Oh I have some open time in my calendar, I’ll volunteer for the PTO’ or some other obligation or form of giving where your needs aren’t prioritized, you can ask yourself what you need and you can make time for you and your growth and development and make fun, a priority. 

What are you doing to bring yourself joy?

Does this question stop you in your tracks?
Do you even know?
Does it feel hard to remember what you enjoy doing or what you’d like?

When it’s something you haven’t done in a long time or you have all these limiting beliefs around it, it can feel daunting. This container offers something a little bit different and intriguing.

It’s a safe place to explore new ideas, where women can come together and support each other. And it can be fun, and freeing and eye opening. You can learn a lot about yourself while leaning into new experiences, meeting new people and making new friends.

As you embrace more play and freedom, your nervous system is a lot more grounded and regular, your physical body is happier, you have new freedom, and you aren’t in the shackles of the mind so much. You feel more joy, have a freer feeling, and feel more connected to your body.

You’ve been in lockdown, you’ve felt isolated and now you want to really build more connection. You’re searching for your group, your tribe that you know you can personally connect with. You’re yearning for the connectedness with other women on the same path. You want to feel connection and relationship building.


You’re constantly talking yourself out of it, saying ‘I have other things to do, more adult things to do, I don’t have time to stop and play!’ You may see your kids playing and think to yourself how instead of being busy you could actually be playing with them. It would fill you up, to be able to put the list on pause and just be free and play!


Do  you need permission, that it’s ok to step away from the kids for 5 minutes?
Here you have that permission – it’s a necessity.

This group is about FREEDOM – freedom to tap into what you want – there’s nothing to prove, no goal to reach, and you’re not being judged. We are here for you!

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 What’s included in the course? 

  • Eight 90-minute weekly Zoom calls. They will be recorded so if you’re not able to attend you can watch them after.


  • Access to me every day for the 8 weeks (Monday-Friday) to ask questions and get support via our group Voxer (a free app that you can send text or voice memos to me and the group.) 


  • Playwork between the calls consisting of awareness practices, journaling prompts and affirmations.


  • The option to purchase an additional 60 minute 1:1 call with me for further support.

COURSE BONUS: Intentional Holidays Webinar Series

 $127 value

A series of 3 videos where you will learn mindfulness and therapy-based techniques to help you feel more present and clear in your intentions for the holiday period so you can enjoy the busy holiday season and be present with your loved ones. 

This also includes two extra Bonuses: Budget your Best Christmas and a Guide to Herbal Remedies for Stress & Anxiety


“I was feeling lost and looking for something. I had given everything I had to my children. I was anxious and unhappy. After working with Maureen I began to feel more calm, started taking better care of myself and felt more confident. I know that the investment of time and money was well worth it.”

“I realized the importance of taking time for myself, that it’s so important and necessary. It sometimes feels hard to justify it but after learning these practical tools and having the opportunity to try them out, I know this will bring so much to me and my family`. Thank you!”

“A time for powerful work. Take the time!”

“Maureen is so credible and heart-centered. I have worked with her one-on-one for over six months. She has helped me see the sources of my stress and heal my childhood traumas, so I can live with more compassion, joy and ease. Maureen lovingly holds space for my personal transformation-supporting me and guiding me when things get messy, and celebrating with me when I feel triumphant. I highly endorse Maureen’s work!”

“A safe and reflective space to explore concepts and personal ideas about yourself and what feels good, while stretching beyond perceived limits.”

“If you are looking to create a life that is less filled with days of being overly stressed, burnt out, and lost, this is where it starts!”

“I felt supported and encouraged as I immersed myself in activities I love and things that were challenging. The group discussions and sharings were inspiring. Thank you!”

“I was feeling overwhelmed, tired, anxious, and stressed. I felt off and didn’t really know how to manage it. I feel super grateful for investing the time and money to work with Maureen. She helps me be less judgmental of what comes up emotionally and with my desires. It just feels like a safe space to access and speak my truth. Maureen is trustworthy, grounded, intuitive and she does powerful work.”

Enrollment is closed.
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There’s something powerful about a woman investing in herself. When you do, you realize that you are worthy of the investment because you are. You can do it just because it makes you happier. When you’re showing up and pouring into yourself, it payoffs on many different levels.


When you show up as the best version of yourself, everyone feels it and it impacts them positively too. Your relationships will improve and you’ll feel closer to your kids, your partner and your family. There’s a ripple effect that happens as a result of inner work. This program is the inner work.


When you learn to appreciate yourself, when you witness your worthiness, it’s much easier to receive the love that is already being sent your way. It brings a greater sense of peace, and purpose.


Do I need to be a mom to participate in this group?
No! This material applies to all women. While many of the women I’ve worked with are Moms, anyone who relates to caring for another person in any way can participate.

Will we burn our bras in the course?
No, there won’t be any bra burning 🙂 but you can if you like! Basically the title is a metaphor to allow you to step out of restrictions and limitations and to consciously choose what you want and how you want to live your life. This is based on intentionality, rather than following what you think you ‘should’ do or what everyone else is doing.  Your needs and your desires may be different or call you in a different direction than others, and that’s totally ok. 

When and where are the calls?
The calls are on Zoom on Monday evenings from 7-8:30pm ET. If you have concerns about the time, please message me.

It’s a busy time of year, will I have time for this?
We will meet weekly for 90 minute calls. Replays are available if you can’t attend. You can put as much or as little time as you feel called to do. The playwork is optional. While one week of the course will run during Thanksgiving week, you will be learning specific techniques to help you approach the holidays with ease and freshness, so that you can enjoy them and feel more relaxed during a normally stressed out time. 

Is this therapy? 
No, the information provided in this course is for educational purposes only, and does not substitute for professional medical advice.  You are advised to consult a medical professional or healthcare provider if you’re seeking medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment. 


Can I use insurance to pay for this?
No, the course is for educational purposes and is not considered therapy or medical services.

Are there payment plans?
Yes! Payment plans are listed below

Do you offer a refund?
There are no refunds.  Once you’re in, we go deep. Let’s go!

Any other questions?
You can DM me on Instagram or email at info@maureenmagauran.com.

I am so excited to welcome you into the program!

I’m so proud of you for saying yes even though you feel like you may not have the time. You’re investing time into yourself that you so freely give to everyone else. You’re investing money in yourself when you normally pay for everything else to keep going. You’re doing something that’s a little different, kind of wacky, that you’ve never done before. You’re stepping into a group of women where you’re going to fee free and loved and seen.


Put some of your favorite music on to celebrate and let yourself feel how the process is already starting to land and that you’re open to receiving more fun, freedom and pleasure in your life. Yay for committing to you! You so deserve this, and your loved ones will feel the difference too! Lots of love to you! ❤️❤️❤️

Disclaimer: The information provided in this course is for educational purposes only, and does not substitute for professional medical advice. You are advised to consult a medical professional or healthcare provider if you’re seeking medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment. By submitting payment for this course, you agree to the above statement.

Enrollment is closed.
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