Your Play Personality

  Play is so key and yet is so often overlooked in adulthood. “The opposite of play isn’t work, it’s depression.”  Stuart Brown, M.D. author and “Play is more than just fun” TED speaker. What is your favorite form of play? What type of sense of humor do you...

Accepting All Parts of Yourself

My experience in meditation was that the letting go and moving into a space of deep trust brought a sense of ease.  In the space of trust I can feel how there is a part of me, similar to what some systems call your Higher Self, that becomes accessible.

From Busy to Calm, Finding a Flow

Image courtesy of @CollTemple Hey there!   How's it going? I've been thinking a lot about the busy-ness of our world and the chaos it creates in our day to day life. I know you want to feel like you have more energy and free time, and you're probably wondering how you...

Emotional Freedom and Meditation

Today is my youngest sister's birthday. She died less than a year and a half ago. Has anyone close to you died? Does talking about death make you feel uncomfortable or nervous? Our society doesn't talk about it much, but it's a natural part of life. We will all die...

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What is Your Play Personality?

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