As I shared about last summer, I spent several weeks at a meditation retreat.  During that time I kept hearing the message to go inside more.  I have a tendency to get busy and I come up with a ton of creative ideas.  It’s very exciting and fun, but at the same time is draining because my focus becomes more spread out and distracted.

When I feel that way, I get many projects going but don’t necessary complete them.  Can you relate?

I decided to follow the internal advice I was hearing.  I saw how I was kind of farming out my own power, asking others what I thought I should do.  I was working with a business coach and I decided to stop and to allow myself to focus inside, to hear my own inner stirrings and voice.

In doing so, I could more clearly hear what direction to focus on.  It didn’t seem instinctual at first and I even doubted what my own inner voice was saying. I found that part of me wanted to go back to the louder, more distracted way of engaging with many things at once. 

I didn’t.  

Instead I listened more closely. 

My inner voice told me to slow down.  It told me to do one thing at a time.  It showed me ways to be more present with my kids, and to help them engage more fully in their activities.  They felt more successful in things they tried, and I felt closer to them.

Instead of putting my energy into marketing my work and practice, I held space for my current and new clients to meet me.  My practice doubled and I met new and motivated women who are a great fit to work together.

It’s fascinating to me how it works, this quieting down to listen to our own inner compass and guide.  I can feel another new direction evolving for me, a path of embodying this intuitive wisdom to feel more alive and present.  It feels very exciting!

The thing I’ve seen in myself and in my clients, is that when you first slow down you can be hit with emotions or triggers that feel loud.  This is often why you distract yourself in the first place.  The emotions or triggers can be painful and uncomfortable.  

The process of IST (Inner Space Techniques) of meditation that I use with my clients, and that I use myself helps you STAY present with what comes up.  It allows you to pass through to the other side to the depth of feelings it can bring.  The surface is just the surface.  There are jewels and so much richness below for those who stay.  And with that comes an inner knowing and guidance.

Learning to navigate to this place and trusting what it tells you feels superb.  There’s a smoothness, softness and ease that comes with it.  Your sense of power is very different than it seems from the outside.  It’s not grasping or trying to make things happen.  It’s actually more like connecting with who you really are, in a space of freedom, flow and ease. 

This is your birthright.

I’d love to guide you there.  You deserve it!  I’d love for you to feel into the possibility of what that could be like for you.  Can you feel your own potential?  The smoothness, flow, femininity and ease of it?

For more information and to schedule a free call, click here. I’d love to share more with you! For me this feels like tapping into the essence of life.

We as women are entitled to this deep richness and flow and we haven’t all been shown how to access it.  It feels so amazing!