This is a difficult time.  It’s something that most people have never experienced in their lifetime.

I’ve been seeing clients and patients on telehealth and have been volunteering for a physician hotline to help overwhelmed providers receive support.

I’m seeing so many different reactions to what’s happening with the Covid-19 virus.  People are in different places with different things happening. Most of us are home, but some are working in hospitals or their spouses are working in construction or other jobs that have kept them working.

For the people out there working in the grocery stores or the nurses and doctors working in the hospitals, there is a lot of fear.  There is a fear of catching the virus, getting sick or bringing it home to loved ones, and for the first responders there is a fear of being overwhelmed and unable to help people survive.  For all of us there can be a fear about our own health or of someone we love.

There is a general sense of fear and worry about the unknown.  I’ve heard many people who have long standing anxiety say that they are doing pretty well now. I imagine it’s validating to see others feel the same way they do much of the time.

Others are at home and trying to keep up with the day-to-day of feeding their kids and families three meals a day, keeping the house clean, while helping their children with online school or if they’re younger with keeping them busy and entertained. Others are home alone, missing their friends and family and feeling lonely.

For some this feels like a time to get things done, and for others they feel like they SHOULD be getting things done and don’t know why they aren’t.

Really, it’s important to just BE WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW.

Even if you don’t feel directly in danger, it’s still a stressful time.  For some the response to stress is to clean or get things organized.  For another it might be to cook or bake.  Or to eat more or drink more.  Or it can look like irritability or anger or feeling bored or sadness and tears, or a mixture of all of the above.

8 simple steps to help you during this time


1. It’s really important to acknowledge and allow what’s happening for you.  If it’s a difficult time or you’re stressed or scared, or you’re not, it’s all ok. Give yourself space and time to feel it.  Share it with your spouse or a friend or journal about it.

2. If you’re feeling a strong sense of fear or out of control, the question comes up as to what are the things you can control?  Even more important though than the question of what can you control is What can you choose?  What do you want to bring to the situation? Who do you want to be in the situation? 

You may say “I want to choose courage, or I choose to reach out for support and find resources.” This mindset shift brings a more positive sense of engagement and a belief that you can choose to bring your strengths forward, rather than feeling helpless. You can feel a sense of choice, and capable of getting through this time.

3. It’s important to bring a wise, compassionate view to things you can’t control. A sense of surrender and a sense that you can do your best but you can’t do it all can help you open to something bigger.  This brings a sense of freedom.

4. Take time to connect with spirituality or your religious beliefs.  Prayer or meditation can help you feel a sense of something greater than you, of a sense of a loving God or Spirit or whatever words you use to describe your belief.When we are still and silent we can more clearly connect with a sense of peace and calm within us and around us. Feel how the world has quieted and slowed down, and how we can too.

5. Getting out in nature can be really helpful if you can.  Even taking your socks and shoes off and walking barefoot in the grass or sitting in the sun from a window if you can’t get out.  Closing your eyes, feeling the warmth on you. Take a few deep breaths in and out, letting your stress and body settle down and let go.

6. Eating well, some type of movement or exercise and getting sleep are all really important right now.

7. Limit your time watching or checking the news.

8. This can be an opportunity to slow down and see what needs healing or to change in your life.  Times like these can be awakening because they shake everything up.  This can act as a re-set to align you with what’s most important in your life.  What are some areas of you life you can give loving attention to, or that you may have ignored in the busy-ness of your life? What is calling you for your attention right now?

9. If you need more support, make sure to reach out and let someone know.


Now more than ever we need a feeling of connection and support.  While we are at home and at times feeling stir-crazy or that we are depleted with taking care of others, I’m offering an opportunity to meet together in a virtual circle.  No matter how you are feeling about the pandemic, this is a chance to gather together in support and sisterhood.

I’ve worked with many of you 1-on-1 and have met many others at talks and in-person events, and I have led many groups over the years. There is a great power in group work.

We will use group therapy and group coaching techniques with the goal of creating a sacred sharing space. You will receive support and guidance through mindfulness techniques to help with stress, anxiety and whatever is coming up for you.  The plan is to meet one time with the possibility of continuing into a series of meetings.

Join me to experience:

  • group psychotherapy
  • sharing circle
  • mindfulness techniques
  • body-based movement techniques to feel more present in your body
  • tools to help you address the unknown in the present situation
  • feminine rituals and practice for peace and joy

We will meet virtually in a small group of no more than 8 people for 1 1/2 hours.

This online group may be billed through your insurance as group therapy.  If your insurance doesn’t cover the group, the cost is $40 maximum.

If you are interested in participating in this group, email me at [email protected] and we can discuss the logistics.

Wishing you safety and peace as we head into uncharted waters of the next few months together.  Be well, stay home and wear a mask if you need to go out.

Big virtual hugs,
Dr. Maureen

“I was feeling lost and looking for something. I had given everything I had to my children. I was anxious and unhappy. After working with Dr. Maureen Magauran, I began to feel more calm, started taking better care of myself and felt more confident. I know that the investment of time and money was well worth it.”