I periodically speak to groups on topics such as how to overcome stress and anxiety to feel more joyful, and how to feel more parenting confidence.  See below for upcoming and past events.

Upcoming Events:

From Chaos to Calm.  How to Feel Parenting Confidence.

Join us for a free talk sponsored by the Mother Connection.     Thursday, May 24 7:30-9pm, Marland Place, 15 Stevens Streeet, Andover, MA.  To register email

Recent public talks include the following:

Free Expert Interview Parenting Series

Raising Young Children in A Thriving Home Environment. 12 professionals shared about creating a more positive relationship with ourselves and our children. I spoke about nurturing yourself as a parent to feel more parenting confidence. The full interview with me can be seen by clicking on the screenshot.

Opening to More Joy
Sponsored by the American Holistic Nurses Association.

Overcoming Stress & Anxiety to Feel More Joy
Healing Way Center, Andover, Massachusetts

Moving Beyond Fear and Stress: A New Approach through Self-Empowerment.
Sponsored by the Holistic Mom’s Network

Opening Your Heart to Feel More Joy
Circles of Wisdom, Andover, Massachusetts

Love, Passion & the Spiritual Adventure
Exploring the interplay of intimacy and love in spirituality.

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