Thank you for your interest in working with me.

I offer a Complimentary Clarity Call, a free 30 minute telephone call to look at what you want, what might be getting in the way and if we are a good fit to work together.

For more information about insurance and reimbursement, see my Work with Me Page.

My work is for those of you who want to bring change into your life, to allow yourself to live the life of your dreams.

 Are you feeling…

–    anxious and tense

–    that you are falling short as a woman or mother?

–    like you are juggling everything at once and trying to get it perfect?

–    like your negative self talk keeps you up at night?

–    unlovable and unworthy of your partner’s love?

–    like intimacy and sex are the last thing on your to do list?

 Do you want…

–   to feel more energy, more success, more sunshine, like you have more hours in the day and more time with your kids because they are growing up?

–   to simply be happy in the moment, to feel more laughter, more self confidence and feel content?

–   to be a joyful mother, to be better at communicating with your partner and to feel more present? To really enjoy your time with your family and loved ones?

If you answered  Yes…

to any of these questions and are interested in working with me, fill out the information below to sign up for your Complimentary Clarity Call.

Say yes to transforming your life into being a happier mother, a better communicator with your partner, and more present for your children.

Your information will never be shared or released to a third party.