I love the work I do and feel confident in my ability to help and serve others.  I have found a balance between enjoying my family time and being creative in my work and life.  I have a regular, grounding meditation practice in addition to time for play.  I have time for myself, my family and friends.  I feel a sense of peace and joy, and love my life!

But it wasn’t always like this.  I was feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, overweight, feeling stuck, and not sure how to change things.  I was taking on a lot of stress from my work and I knew that more was possible for my clients and myself.  I also wanted to start a family.

I decided to take some time off of work after the birth of my first child, and I discovered meditation and the Inner Space Techniques of Meditation (IST).

This turned everything around for me and changed the way I work with clients. Establishing a regular routine of meditation brought a sense of calm and grounding.  Using the process of IST myself allowed me to  get to know myself at a deep level and to get to the root cause of my stress and overwhelm. My relationships deepened with loved ones and I grew into a stronger, more loving and accepting relationship with myself. Now I can help you do the same thing. I am dedicating my life to helping women and moms feel more joyful, alive and vibrant.

My dream client is a woman who is highly motivated to change.  

You are successful and hard working, and are a mom with kids.  You feel a sense of stress and anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and pulled in different directions.  You don’t have enough time to do all the things you need to do and you can be a perfectionist.  You  struggle with feeling good about yourself and your parenting.  You  doubt yourself and your decisions and can get stuck in a place of indecision.

You  feel exhausted and feel you have to push to get things done.  You  want to have better communication and relationship with your partner.  You are looking for a way to bring more joy and pleasure into your daily life.  At times you fear that you are wired wrong, broken, and can’t be fixed. You blame yourself for not feeling more joy in your life, and  feel a sense of regret that the days slip by and you didn’t make the best of it.

After working together, you will feel relaxed and confident about yourself and your life.  You will feel a sense of ease and flow in your day and in making decisions.  You will trust yourself to make the right choice, and will let it go.  You will be present for yourself and your children in their play.  You will be comfortable with asking for help, and will enjoy receiving it, allowing your partner and others to support you.

You will balance time for yourself, your family and your work or creative endeavors.  You  will engage in a regular exercise and self-care routine including meditation and alone time.  You and your partner will plan and have regular time together.  You  will rekindle the early feelings of your romance and find new comfort in being together and sharing intimate moments.  You and your family will enjoy beautiful vacations together, as well as regular fun time together during the week.

You  will feel like you have a new perspective on your life.  You  will appreciate things more, and things will feel less challenging.  You will have a major shift in how you perceive yourself.  You will feel like a happier mother, feeling more present and observant of your kids and will be better at communicating with your partner.  You will learn how to take a change of plans and change of direction in stride.  You will be able to enjoy whatever is getting done at the moment rather than thinking about what needs to get done five minutes later.  You will feel a happier environment in your home and feel more harmony at home.  You will feel a sense of appreciation for yourself and your life, as well as a determination moving forward to share your passion and desires with others.


•    Bachelor of Arts in Biology with minor in Psychology: Yale University
•    Doctor of Medicine: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
•    Psychiatry specialty training: Boston University Medical Center
•    Psychoanalytic psychotherapy fellowship: Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute
•    IST Practitioner, Inner Space of Meditation Therapeutic Techniques
•    Health Coach, Advanced Nutrition: Institute for Integrative Nutrition
•    20 years of training and personal development work in the fields of meditation, body and sexuality process, intuitive eating, improvisational comedy and singing and voice lessons
•   Writer for Thrive Global where her work has had 10s of thousands of views and shares.  Her work has been featured on Andover TV and the Merrimack Valley Magazine.  She has been a speaker for the Holistic Mom’s Network, the American Holisitic Nurses Association, The Mother Connection and other groups
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Maureen is very professional, intuitive, smart and warm.  She has a deep understanding of psychiatry and IST/ meditation. Each session is structured in a way that brings important revelations into view every time – consistently.


Marketing Director

Maureen works with women and mothers who suffer from anxiety and depression to help them bring joy back into their lives. Her insight and vision was very helpful and generous. I have enjoyed her warmth and enthusiasm, as well as her intelligence.


Business Consultant

Maureen cares deeply and her capacity for nurturing is very visible. She is very perceptive and has a deep level of self-awareness. Her openness, clarity and receptivity make it very easy to work with her.


Homeopathy Practitioner

Maureen uses deep meditation techniques to bring you to a place of connection where you can get back in touch with your true self. Unlike other therapies where you may focus on current problems in your life, Maureen’s work goes deeper to address root causes and help change habitual patterns and attitudes that keep you from living a fulfilling life. She is caring, attentive, and knowledgeable. The major benefit I’ve received is feeling more connected and supported in life and less likely to spin out with negative thinking as I used to do.


Store owner

Maureen exhibits qualities of sincerity, calming, a deep sense of caring and commitment towards her clients.


Medical Administrative Assistant

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