At the root of every powerful, successful woman is the belief that they don’t deserve it.


It’s a tiny seed, planted early on. You may not even know it was there. But you can’t just water it with happy thoughts and hope it goes away; you must pull it out by the roots.


This isn’t just a mental process, it’s a physical one. And until you do it, it will define you—and hold you back from your highest potential. 


If it was all in your head, you would have already figured it out.



I’m Dr. Maureen Magauran.  



I’m a doctor by training, and an intuitive by design. 


I help women transform their lives and find true fulfillment in today’s insanely busy world.  I work on mind, body and spirit and help you bring everything into alignment so you can feel connected to your passion, move past upper limits and live in the best possible version of yourself.



Remember this: you are not a role, a job, a diagnosis, or a problem to be solved.



You are a greater potential than you can even see. Yet. But you will.  


I trained as a shrink, it’s true! But now I teach people to expand. And while I’m trained as a doctor, I’m not your doctor; I’ve got the benefit of years of experience in medicine and psychotherapy- enough to know that’s not what you need.



The medical model says, “Let’s figure out what’s wrong and address the symptoms. There’s much more to it–and you–than that.


In my work, I draw on a range of tools—meditation, energy work, somatic therapy, mindfulness, and therapy training to help you unroot the toxic seeds in your life and mind, and feel like a better, brighter, lighter version of yourself.


I’ve been described as a Life Energy Investigator.  I see and understand the patterns that create problems for you.  I provide insight on how to feel more fulfilled and valued, bringing all kinds of possibilities to you.   



My approach draws on many modalities and incorporates not just mind, but body, so that you can actually start to feel different, more whole, more connected to your purpose and dreams.




This approach allows you to feel more energized and focused.  It re-connects you with a deeper, more spiritual part of yourself that will help guide you in your life. 




You don’t have to do this alone.   You will be supported in a holding, yet playful way that brings out the best in you and leaves you feeling in alignment with your highest purpose and deepest self.



When you’re torn between wanting to be enough, but knowing you’re meant for more, it’s natural to:

  • Feel anxious, or depressed (or both)
  • Feel that you’re “faking it”
  • Worry that you’re not doing what you’re supposed to
  • Wonder when your real life will begin.


But….imagine if you:

  • Felt buoyant and fun again
  • Laughed more easily
  • Believed anything was possible
  • Could identify your next goal and tackle it
  • Enjoy real intimacy


You’re already successful. Isn’t it time you started feeling that way?



I’m Dr. Maureen Magauran and I use a holistic and spiritual approach to healing, to help driven women live more without doing more. I’m trained as a physician with over 20 years experience in psychiatry, and am an IST (Inner Space Techniques) meditation practitioner.  I have multiple tools that bring together the best of eastern and western medicine.

It’s time to start living the life you were meant to live.


•     Bachelor of Arts in Biology with minor in Psychology: Yale University

•    Doctor of Medicine: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

•    Psychiatry specialty training: Boston University Medical Center

•    Psychoanalytic psychotherapy fellowship: Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute

•    IST Practitioner, Inner Space of Meditation Therapeutic Techniques with over 10 years of study and training at the Clairvision School.

•    Health Coach, Advanced Nutrition: Institute for Integrative Nutrition

•    20 years of training and personal development work in the fields of meditation, body and sexuality process and intuitive eating.

•   Her work has been featured on NPR, TEDx blog, Andover TV, Merrimack Valley Magazine and Thrive Global.  Her talks have been sponsored by the American Holistic Nurses Association, the Natural Living Expo, the Mind Body Spirit Life Expo and the Holistic Mom’s Network. 



Maureen is very professional, intuitive, smart and warm.  She has a deep understanding of psychiatry and IST/ meditation. Each session is structured in a way that brings important revelations into view every time – consistently.


Marketing Director

Maureen works with women and mothers who suffer from anxiety to help them bring joy back into their lives. Her insight and vision was very helpful and generous. I have enjoyed her warmth and enthusiasm, as well as her intelligence.


Business Consultant

Maureen cares deeply and her capacity for nurturing is very visible. She is very perceptive and has a deep level of self-awareness. Her openness, clarity and receptivity make it very easy to work with her.


Homeopathy Practitioner

Maureen uses deep meditation techniques to bring you to a place of connection where you can get back in touch with your true self. Unlike other therapies where you may focus on current problems in your life, Maureen’s work goes deeper to address root causes and help change habitual patterns and attitudes that keep you from living a fulfilling life. She is caring, attentive, and knowledgeable. The major benefit I’ve received is feeling more connected and supported in life and less likely to spin out with negative thinking as I used to do.


Store owner

Maureen exhibits qualities of sincerity, calming, a deep sense of caring and commitment towards her clients.


Medical Administrative Assistant

You do plenty, but you’re meant for so much more

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