If it was all in your head, you would have already figured it out.



I’m Maureen Magauran, M.D.


I’m a doctor by training, and an intuitive by design. And I help women connect to their zone of genius so they feel connected to their passion, move past their upper limits, and live in the best possible version of themselves.


Remember this: you are not a role, a job, a diagnosis, or a problem to be solved.


You are a greater potential than you can even see. Yet. But you will.


I trained as a shrink, it’s true! But now I teach people to expand. And while I’m a doctor, I’m not your doctor; I’ve got the benefit of years of experience in medicine and psychotherapy—enough to know that it’s not what you need.


The medical model says, “Let’s figure out what’s wrong and address the symptoms.” There’s much more to it–and you–than that.


In my work, I draw on a range of tools—meditation, energy work, somatic therapy, mindfulness, and therapy training to help you unroot the toxic seeds in your life and mind, and feel like a better, brighter, lighter version of yourself.


I’m also trained in what’s called holistic psychiatry—an approach to mental health that draws on many modalities and incorporates not just mind, but body, so that you can actually start to feel different, more whole, more connected.


When you don’t feel worthy of what you have, it’s natural to:

  • Feel anxious, or depressed (or both)
  • Feel that you’re “faking it”
  • Worry that you’re not doing what You’re supposed to
  • Wonder when your real life will begin


But….imagine if you:


  • Felt buoyant and fun again
  • Laughed more easily
  • Believed anything was possible
  • Could identify your next goal and tackle it
  • Enjoy real intimacy

Maureen is so credible and heart-centered. I have worked with her one-on-one for over six months. She has helped me see the sources of my stress and heal my childhood traumas, so that I can live with more compassion, joy, and ease. Maureen lovingly holds space for my personal transformation – supporting and guiding me when things get messy, and celebrating with me when I feel triumphant. I highly endorse Maureen’s work!

Casey Berglund

Dietician, Yoga Teacher and Mentor at WorthyandWell.com

Maureen is earnest, passionate, and committed to sharing that passion and her insight and experience with others.  She has given me support, encouragement and help with a focus on moving forward rather than dwelling on the past.



I was feeling overwhelmed, tired, anxious, and stressed. I felt off and didn’t really know how to manage it. I feel super grateful for investing the time and money to work with Maureen. She helps me be less judgmental of what comes up emotionally and with my desires. It just feels like a safe space to access and speak my truth. Maureen is trustworthy, grounded, intuitive and she does powerful work.