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My name is Dr. Maureen Magauran and I am a Board Certified physician with specialty training in psychiatry.  I am certified as an IST (Inner Space Techniques of Meditation) Practitioner, using a set of therapeutic techniques to address the root of the problem.  Rather than addressing only the presenting problem, this work goes deeper to reveal the cause of the problem.  It helps you see and feel why you are tense or anxious, stuck or feeling not enough, and allows for a deep change.

My approach to health is to look at the whole person.
Why we feel the way we do has everything to do with how we live our lives each day. Using holistic and traditional techniques for counseling, nutrition advice, meditation and stress management we will explore how you can heal your inner self and achieve a healthy balance that lets you experience life from the best part of you.

As an IST Practitioner, I work with the inner space of meditation to help you access deeper parts of yourself, beyond the circling pattern of the mind.  We don’t realize how often our mind repeats itself and gets stuck in the same thought pattern over and over again.  We think that if we talk about something that it will change, but most often this is not the case.  These techniques allow you to slow down and to empower yourself by gaining access to parts of yourself that know how to work through these problems.  With my support you can get a deeper sense of the root of the issue to bring about lasting change.  

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Upcoming Talks

Opening Your Heart to Feel More Joy
Tuesday, August 16, 2016
7-8:30 PM
Circles of Wisdom
Andover, MA
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Overcoming Stress & Anxiety to Feel More Joy
Monday, September 12, 2016
7-8 PM
Healing Way Center
Andover, MA
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Do you feel anxious and tense? Do you feel like you are falling short as a mother?  Do you want to know how meditation techniques can bring more joy in your life?  Join Maureen  as she shares with you three simple steps to shift out of stress and anxiety to feel more joy.  This discussion will include a guided meditation and interactive practices. 

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